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E-Mail Terms and Conditions

Electronic mails and all the information, approval and files in all kinds of format conveyed throughout them are communicated to you by UĞUR MOTORLU ARAÇLAR A.Ş. and all UĞUR ŞİRKETLER GRUBU, Group Companies, Subsidiaries and Affiliates, in accordance with terms and conditions given below.

The information on this e-mail is confidential and can be personal, and it is specific to the person or institution it was sent to, or to other parties who are authorized to use or receive that information.

If you are not the right person, it is illegal and strictly forbidden to disclose, copy or send out this e-mail and attachments or modify its content. If you are not the subject of this e-mail, you should immediately denounce to the authorities. Confidentiality and privacy of this e-mail are not violated, although this e-mail and attachments were mistakenly sent to you.

Uğur Motorlu Araçlar is unanswerable for the duly and/or total conveyance of this e-mail or any delay in receiving of this e-mail.

Uğur Motorlu Araçlar does not assume any legal responsibility for the content of this e-mail and its attachments.

Uğur Motorlu Araçlar applies any virus filtering process, yet it does not guarantee or promise that it is disinfected.

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