Our Mission & Vision


  • To develop the partnership of UMA and KYMCO in such a way that it will make contributions to our customers in terms of product variety and quality and sales processes.
  • To ensure that our customers have pleasant and quality time in our points of sale.
  • To provide the integrity of Post-Sales Services which approaches KYMCO users with the principle of Unconditional Customer Satisfaction.
  • As Uğur Motorlu Araçlar (Uğur Motor Vehicles), to partner KYMCO brand under our title “Most Preferred Motorcycle Brand” that we previously obtained through MONDIAL brand.


As an international associate of the company, our goal is:

  • To improve and carry the KYMCO brand into the future.
  • To improve intensive processes in order to always and efficiently meet our customers’ needs and expectations.
  • To increase the customer satisfaction through constantly developing, innovative product designs.
  • To growingly maintain the perception of customer responsibility and satisfaction represented by Uğur Motorlu Araçlar with the KYMCO brand.



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