UMA Cycle of Values

  1. Confidence Centeredness:
    Members of UMA family give confidence to its all shareholders through its personality characteristics and professional qualifications.
  2. Respect to Human:
    UMA family respects itself and all people with no thought of gain.
  3. Concept of family:
    Our company culture reflects the sense of professionalism within a real family environment.
  4. Social Responsibility:
    Social responsibility is not an obligation but a behavioral pattern for UMA, in which the business mentality is the main focus and which includes the attitudes of sensitivity towards environment and contribution to the social life.
  5. Success-Oriented Continuous Development:
    UMA considers the difficulties as opportunities and focuses on the notion of “Developers of a job are the ones who perform it.” At the end of the day, everyone contributes his/her own development by asking “How can I do better?”.
  6. High Sense of Belonging:
    UMA family always feels that it is belong to its company and it internalizes this opinion. It defends the company and its values under any circumstances.
  7. Customer Satisfaction:
    All members of the UMA family focus of the principle of Unconditional Customer Satisfaction. Each member primarily focuses on internal customer, namely each other, than they focus on their external customers.



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